Monday, July 14, 2008


Greensboro has a summer music series that has been ongoing for over 20 years, Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park. Yesterday's offering was EMFfringe Series: Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park with Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin. Bob Margolin is a blues guitarist and preservationist, who played with Muddy Waters back in the 1970s. David enjoys the blues, and when Lisa saw this on the local events calendar a week ago, she suggested that David and I go.

It was held on the lawn at Guilford College, which is a couple of blocks from home, starting at 6:00 pm. Just before we left, the sky got really dark with clouds. Lisa checked the weather radar online, and there was a line of storm clouds just off to the west. Of course, they were headed east.

There were a lot of people already there when we arrived at 5:30, and the band was warming up. About 15 minutes later, it started raining. I'm glad we had an umbrella, along with our canvas chairs. This was a unique chance to do something with the child I lived with the shortest time, and I just didn't care that the umbrella was a little bit too small. My left leg got soaked, as did David's right one, but we were having fun.

Right about 6:00, the rain, which had slacked off a bit, picked up. The band just sat on stage, waiting. And waiting. And waiting., still waiting.

About 6:15, the guitarists unplugged their instruments and packed them away. The band's roadie walked up to one of the mics and said, "That's all folks." They didn't play a single song.

The sky really opened up as David and I walked back to the car, and it kept pouring...until we got home. I swear, it quit raining as soon as I pulled into the parking place in front of the apartment.

I wouldn't trade that hour getting soaked and waiting for live blues for anything. It was time spent with my son.

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