Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sometimes I'm evil, evil I tell you

We live in an apartment, and like many an apartment complex, there are lots of young kids here. Now, there are a couple of provisions in the standard lease here that sometimes seem to get overlooked. First, we're supposed to keep the noise down. Second, no one is supposed to play out in the parking lots.

One of our neighbors has a couple of kids, and they spend a great deal of time out in the parking lot. The little boy in the family is probably four or five, and he screams a great deal. Since the weather has been nice and comfortable for the last week, we've had the windows open and fans running, rather than the AC going. Consequently, we have heard the neighbor's son quite a bit.

He screamed much louder than usual about ten minutes ago. I walked out to the parking lot and asked the mom, "Is anyone hurt?" She shook her head no, with a rather surprised look on her face. I said, "I heard the screaming, and I was concerned." Then, I simply walked back inside.

I haven't heard any screams from the parking lot since.

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