Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's real!

I weigh 249 pounds this morning. I've now lost 30 pounds since the beginning of June, and it feels, well, liberating. My left knee, the one I dislocated in 2003, doesn't ache all the time now. I can bend over and tie my shoes without feeling out of breath. I can bend over.

I want to publicly acknowledge that this would not have happened without my wife Lisa. She started on SparkPeople a week or two before I did, and I joined her more to keep from sabotaging her than to benefit myself. I know how bad for me restaurant burgers, pizza, and other fatty and salt-laden foods are, but I love the flavors and the emotional "comfort" of these foods. You know, a sop to "poor poor pitiful me" through two separations and divorces, job changes, overwhelming debt, and loneliness. I'm following her lead, and while I sometimes want the things I used to eat (and even eat them occasionally), I'm finding now that it's becoming easy to choose the better things. Of course, Lisa has filled the voids that "poor poor pitiful" Eddie was teetering on the edge of, and that makes it even easier to make good choices.

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