Sunday, August 17, 2008

A college career begins

Andy moved into his...well, it's not a dorm...apartment at Purdue today. His mom called me about an hour ago to let me know that he's there and settled. Barely.

See, he's got a George Foreman grill, a bunch of junk food -- I'm sure he'll manage to survive on Pop Tarts and Cheerwine for a few days -- a bath mat, no plates or silverware or coffee maker, his internet access turned on and his laptop, and no roommates until the middle of the week. He told everyone who tried to help him out with the things that you need to establish a household, even a temporary one like your first college room, no thanks, that his roommates are bringing everything. Andy's never been on his own before, so he's in for interesting times.

He has mandatory events for freshman orientation, and I believe his mom told me that he is being fed for free all week. He's not happy about having to wear an armband that identifies him as a freshman, but I hope he realizes that everyone is going to know he's a newbie. He might as well accept the help that comes with the official recognition. After all, once classes start, it's going to be sink or swim.

Good luck, son. I expect great things of you.

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