Thursday, July 16, 2009

50 - 385: A Blinding Flash Of The Obvious

I was reading Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews today, and I came across this line:  For me, evil is striving for an end without regards for the means. This clarified some of my own moral thinking.

I have never believed in the idea of something being for "the greater good". How can something be good in any way that treats anyone as disposable, as an unwilling or unwitting sacrifice?

I believe absolutely in free will. Nothing in life means a thing without choice. Nothing.

I do not believe in anarchy. Civilization exists so that we can live better, so that we can live together. I believe in choosing to be part of something. I believe in the right to choose actions that cross lines society has set up, but I also believe in taking responsibility for my choices, even when accepting that responsibility means I'll be punished.

What's your choice?

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