Thursday, August 2, 2007

David turns 14 today

Woke up this morning knowing that it would be a day devoted to my younger son. His brother Andy and I wrapped his presents, and then David woke up on his own just before I was going to call him. Surprise, surprise, that a boy would get himself out of bed on his birthday...

Took 'em to Steak and Shake, which they love and I'm not opposed to, saw the Simpsons Movie -- I liked it way more than I expected to -- stopped at the Fresh Market bakery to pick up a cake from Ganache, then came home to make chili for supper.

Lisa will be home soon, and we'll kick this celebration into high gear. Just in time to shut it down and go to bed early, since the boys are flying back to their mom in the morning.

Happy birthday, Son.

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