Monday, February 16, 2009

A Sig Line

Back in the days when I was a regular poster on Usenet forums, I used to read and write posts with pithy or humorous signatures, "sig lines." Lisa and I first became friends through the alt.books.dean-koontz forum, a couple of years before we ever met in person, and it's a joke between us to take some absurd statement and say, "I feel a sig line coming on."

This morning, Lisa was cleaning out a closet in one of the spare bedrooms, and our cat Blazer snuck in when I opened the bedroom door to ask her something. If he were allowed free run of the room, Blazer would end up in closed into some nook or cranny at the back of the closet and mewling pitifully in the dark for hours, until we finally managed to figure where he was and let him out. It's happened before.

I picked him up and carried him out into the hall. Lisa followed and handed me a nice pair of scissors to put in a utility drawer. I hugged her, and out of my mouth popped, "I have a cat, a pair of scissors, and a hot woman." She said, "The hot woman's leaving the room before you figure out what you're going to do with them." I replied, "I feel a sig line coming on."

It's probably a good thing the thought went no farther.

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