Friday, January 30, 2009

Where TV Has Shone This Week, With Quibbles

This has, in my estimation, been one of the best weeks of television in quite a while. Here's why.
  1. The Big Bang Theory gets funnier with every episode. If Sheldon had any more neuroses, they could get group rates. Now, if only the show would lose the patently phony laugh track...
  2. 24 is back on track, both in the sharp, tension filled storytelling and in the gaping plot holes. The former speaks for itself; the latter: well, how are we supposed to believe that the villains would kill the president's son, leave his girlfriend alive and bribed, and then kill her when the president's husband gets the least bit of evidence of their plot? Just how ruthless are these conspirators supposed to be?!
  3. Lost was constantly mind-boggling this week. There is almost no telling exactly when each story strand is taking place, and yet I feel like I'm getting answers. And when we learned that Desmond and Penny name their son Charlie...ah, that's how poignancy should be handled.
  4. Battlestar Galactica has finally thrown off the despondency! I loved Adama and Tigh's Last Stand, and I am greatly anticipating Mr. Gaetta's demise; this is what I've been expecting from the last episodes of this excellent series.

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