Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Sad Day For The Braves

The Red Sox made the official announcement today. They've signed John Smoltz away from the Braves.

It's ridiculous to feel much concern for someone who will make $5 million from Boston this year (at least) instead of $3 million from Atlanta; after all, it was about respect, not money.

Guess what? I believe Smoltz. Not all that long tradition did mean more in baseball than in other sports. Now, the business rules. Player salaries are such that a $10 million contract is reasonable, maybe even a bargain. I can't really comprehend it being a bargain, when a man is going to make more in one year playing a game than I'll make at programming in my entire life, but that's the state of the sport, and I'm a fan.

I'm also a bit of a historian, and my team has let a significant piece of history slip away. The only pitcher in the history of the game who was an elite starter, then an elite closer, and finally an elite starter again. Over 200 wins. More than 150 saves. 3000+ strikeouts. The best postseason record in the game.

More injuries and surgeries than an over 40 pitcher should be able to overcome.

I'm still a Braves partisan, which isn't going to change. I hope, though, that John Smoltz has a phenomenally successful tenure with the Red Sox.

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