Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, I'm Back

In the nearly three years I've written Babble On, the best thing anyone has had to say about it is when my daughter told me she could hear my voice in it. That means I'm achieving one of my goals here, because I aim for simple clarity, for there to be nothing between me and what I set out to say.

I just realized that I said nothing here in June. That, my friends, is not the plan. All I can say is that in the noise of the outside world, the rush and the confusion and the oh-dear-i'm-late-how-will-i-get-all-i-must-done hurly-burly, my write-me voice has been drowned out. There are things going on that are important to me and mine that have taken precedence, and some of them may very well make their way here. But, not yet.

For now, it's enough that I have the mental quiet and calm that gives birth to things I must say here. I've missed the creative rush.

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