Sunday, July 18, 2010

The 32nd

Last night, I did something I've never done before. I attended a reunion of my high school class. In the 32 years since I graduated, I've missed two reunions, at ten and thirty years. With the last reunion only two years gone by, why reunite again so soon?

My first guess is that my classmates simply needed their Eddie fix...nah, probably not.

More likely this is a bunch of people who by-and-large just like each other, who enjoy a lively get-together, and who had enough people willing to organize the event that it simply had to happen. Oh, and we celebrated with quite a few people turning 50 (that may be translated as commiserated with).

David Gore's Bummin' Hole Lodge was the perfect site for our shindig, a very rustic cabin on a pond. It's far enough back in the woods without doubling as the set of Deliverance that we didn't disturb anyone. One of the biggest advantages for Lisa and me is that it's close enough to Dad and Mom's home that we could have made it there in five minutes, if Dad hadn't closed off one of the farm roads a few years ago. As it is, we had to take a couple of county roads, making the trip ten minutes. Twice the travel time, what a burden!

The food and libations flowed freely, and conversation followed. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends unseen in 30 years (yes, Jimmy H. and Jimmy W., I'm looking at both of you), to exchange so many hugs, to compare numbers of children and marriages, to reflect on careers and on missing classmates, and to start thinking about the next time we'll get together.

To Antoinette, Steve, and Susan, (as Steve's wife put it) fellow IT whores -- I hope we can swap war stories again soon.

To Al, Hong, Jimmy H., Kim, and Patti -- I look forward to sharing a table with you again.

To Anthony, Anthony, Sherrie, Tami, and Wanda (with apologies to anyone I left out) -- thanks for the fantastic job putting this thing together.

To Coburn -- I'll probably never top that line about not being able to make a horse put on a bathing suit.

To Kim and Tami -- Thank you very much for your kind words about Babble On.

And finally, to Beatrice -- you still scare the hell out of a lot of us!


Anonymous said...

We all love you! We also fell in love with your wife! Please keep in touch and Babble On Dude!!
Tami Jo

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed see you and your wife! Also enjoyed your blog. Hope to see you again soon.

frannelson2 said...

Eddie, I didn't see you there. There were so many people I didn't get to talk with. Glad you came!
Fran (Kelley) Nelson

Anonymous said...

Edwin - you haven't changed a bit. Really great to visit again. Our table was just like lunch in the WHS cafeteria. I still remember you in Ms. Pridgen's 7th grade class creating elaborate sci-fi scenarios on your desk with imaginary figures. I bet you still do that in your office!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Eddie - that comment about 7th grade was from me. - Jimmy Holcomb

Eddie said...

Jimmy, I thought that was you!
- Eddie

Eddie said...

@Fran - I'm really glad I made it this time, and I'm sorry I didn't catch up with you. Maybe next time!