Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Sign of the Times

My daughter Gigi called me yesterday afternoon. She's been working at an Office Depot since early this year, and the store is closing in a couple of weeks. She's out beating the bushes to find another job already, but she's worried about getting Christmas gifts and then about college expenses next semester.

I told her not to worry about presents for us. After all, we have more stuff than room.

There are always jobs out there, even in bad times, she has several years experience as a cashier, and, well, she's a lower priced alternative than a lot of other people.

As for college costs, she still has financial aid, she has help from me and her mom, and she has her savings. None of us want her to have to dip into the savings, but they're there at need.

To my daughter - Gigi, remember these things: 1) The greatest gifts you can give us are your own high achievements and your love, and I know we have those. 2) We're here when you need us. 3) This is only a stumbling block. Stay on your feet, keep focused on your goals, and keep moving. I love you, girl.


Fifecat said...

What a pretty name Gigi is!

Eddie said...

Thanks, Fifecat. Her given name is Georgia Gifford.