Saturday, April 5, 2008

Only three...

Here's an exercise. Let's say you've got children. Let's say further that you want to leave them something. Something that will guide them, make them think, provoke them a little, perhaps. Here's your final requirement, your final refinement -- your bequeathment must contain only three parts, no more, no less. Here's mine.

  • Humility...just enough to realize that "I might be wrong about this" is a pretty good organizing principle for your life.
  • Curiosity...sincerely question everything, with the intent to learn from the answers you get, but remember the first point in this short list.
  • Compassion...always, always, always be ready to say, and mean, "Let me help."


Pauline said...

I like your philophsy (sp).

I will not have any children (not by choice but biology).

My three would be:

Kindness: To everyone. Don't judge people by their weight, colour, height, religion or sexual orientation.

Open-mindness: Listen and think about things, before you do them or make decisions you may regret.

Imagination: Read (especially Dean Koontz), Explore (everything and everwhere), Create (anything according to your own ability), Dream (you don't know what you can achieve till you try) and LOVE (as much and often as you can).

GimplyGump said...

IF, and the gene pools gives thanks daily I do not, I had kids, the three social and moral aspects I’d wish them to be raised with are:

Respect and Tolerance. Basically accepting those for who they are, not what they want them to be. This would be applicable to all ethnicities, religions, genders, sexualities and physical and mental abilities. Look at a person AS a person not as a member of some social pigeon hole.

Humility. As in always able to look at themselves and laugh. Words will only hurt if you allow them hurt. If you are able to look at your own fault and accept as a part of their being, you are less likely to find a fault with another that is so insurmountable, and possibly frightening, that they are willing to disparage others to make themselves feel better.

Kindness. Looking to help others when they might need a form of help they might provider.’ Be that just listening, donating what they can to a charity, cheering a friend up, sticking up for someone being treated wrongly, among others.

I would never want them to back down from doing something they know is right, kind and helpful. Remember to laugh at themselves or they might not learn to truly wnjoy the world.

clare said...

Live ~ because everything else is dying.

Be yourself ~ and allow others the same privilage.

Laugh ~ as often as you can: At yourself, at the world.

Love ~ even when it's easier to hate