Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You Will Recognize Yourself

You told me twice during our phone conversation last night, "I don't want to break your heart."

When you decided to change course in the journey of your life last year, I questioned not the decision, which I agreed with you was necessary, but the timing.  I felt that you needed more of a nest egg.  I respected and accepted your choice, despite it taking you far away from me.

Recognize that the thought of backtracking came from hurt and anger.  Now that you're past the heat of that moment, you're choosing to stay the course.  I have no disappointment at that; in fact, I admire it.

It's not making a choice that it hard.  It's realizing the implications and living with the consequences, good or bad, that is.

You're not making a bad choice here.  You're remaining true to who you have decided to be, which is a person recovering from earlier choices in your life that were, let us say, less than optimum.  This makes me quite proud.

And in the truth of that, you simply cannot break my heart.