Friday, June 27, 2014

Georgia, On My Mind

Yesterday, for the second time in eleven years, you left your home in North Carolina for a new one in the Midwest.

It was harder the first time, because you were still a kid.  Through your high school and college years, Chesterton, Indiana shaped you into the wonderful young woman you are.  It did not, however, give you your professional start.  The Guilford County and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school systems did.

This time...teaching taught you that education isn't the career for you.  There's certainly no shame in trying something, finding it doesn't work, and then starting over.  Going back to school is the right choice for you.  I just wish Northern Illinois University wasn't so far away.

So, my daughter, my Georgia Gigi...I'm going to take a fatherly prerogative and offer you some unsolicited advice:

  • Always try to be kinder today than you were yesterday.
  • Borrowing a line from a song I particularly like, only the curious have something to find, so be curious.
  • Love deeply and have faith in other people.  You won't, unfortunately, always get faith back, but you're more likely to if you offer it.
  • A sane worldview has room for both rationality and spirituality.
  • Sing some, dance some, and laugh a lot every day.

I could keep going, but brevity seems a wise choice.

I am going to miss having you nearby, I am proud of you, and I love you.  Be happy, be focused, and be here when you can.

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