Friday, June 5, 2009

50 - 426: Sketches of Family

In knowing myself, I think it's illustrative to briefly portray those who mean the most to me.

My father Huston - two Latin phrases: Esse quam videri and Semper fidelis.

My mother Alice Faye - the family Caregiver, the one who has always assumed the task of looking after someone chronically sick or weak. There is someone like this in every family I know, and this is the person with the least amount of control over his or her own life. I conjecture that this is why Mom spends a lot of her energy cleaning where no one else can see a spot.

My wife Lisa - my Everyday Miracle.

My daughter Georgia - Teacher-to-be, nearly ready to tackle the world.

My son Andy - the family Empiricist.

My son David - the family Believer.

My mother-in-law Meki - Survivor and inspiration.

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