Friday, November 23, 2007

Impressions from a Thanksgiving on the Road

Up at 4:15 am ... a quick shower, got dressed, out to the kitchen ... Lisa nursing our pathetic coffee maker through brewing another pot ... that first cup of coffee ... the drive from Greensboro to Charlotte, since airfare is so much cheaper there ... why was the daily parking deck closed? ... the ticket kiosk told me that my flight had no seats available and to check with the ticket attendant, who found plenty of seats available, including the aisle seat on the exit row ... MasterCard is missing an opportunity, because being able to stretch your legs out on a domestic US flight is truly priceless ... Valor's Choice by Tanya Huff is a really enjoyable piece of MilSF, what makes a great travel read ... the flight attendant's name tag reads "OH MISS" :) ... it was actually easy walking through O'Hare airport, and the bus to Hertz was waiting outside the door ... I think the Ford Fusion lives up to its advertising, and hey, who doesn't like a talking GPS unit? That it give accurate directions is even better ... I've never seen less traffic driving from Chicago to northwest Indiana ... I told my ex-wife and the kids that I'd arrive "around lunch time" and I've arrived at their home town and it's not even 11:00 am yet ... "Oh, Eddie's here, you're early, we're still cleaning" ... amazingly, no one did get angry over my arrival time (I did mention my ex-wife, didn't I?), and the time with my kids was even more priceless than leg room on the plane ... the Green Bay Packers beat the Detroit Lions to go to 10-1 on the season, it'd be really fine if everyone played their game with the joy Brett Favre is showing this year ... late evening phone call home, to hear Lisa's voice, to know that she's coping with the arrival of her in-laws -- yep, my Mom and Dad got to Greensboro about the time I got settled in for my Indiana visit; Dad's got a craft show at the Coliseum, and they're staying at the apartment ... that sweet voice that makes my days did it again, and just like I expected, her Thanksgiving dinner for Mom and Dad went off without a hitch, and everybody's full and safe ... the soundtrack for the day, on repeat: My Thanksgiving, by Don Henley.

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